ECOLUX Affordable housing concept

maandag 02 oktober 2017 17.09 uur | laatst gewijzigd: maandag 02 oktober 2017 16.32 uur | auteur: Ton Jansen

A new affordable housing concept can deliver hurricane proof houses to be build in just one day

An innovative Dutch firm Ecolux has developped various monoliet housing lines. From a low end 36m2 house, very succesfull in the African market to hurrcane proof line for the Caribbean. The lines are produced in productioncenters currently in the Netherland and Middle East, and transported in 40ft containers to end destination, to be assembled in a very short time frame. The houses are very light but very strong and are fixed with anchors to the ground.

All EU certificats are available and the factory is planning more production centers around the globe in the comming years.